Cleveland Inner City boxing offers a Study Table, or Study Hall to all students Monday Through Friday from 4:30 to 5:30, Volunteer Parent Lawanna Logan, takes the academic prowess of its kids very seriously.

The Study Table is a group based quite time, where kids can get extra help with their school work.

Kids, and athletes, are highly encouraged to attend the study hall before Boxing or Yoga starts.

Any student that fails to keep their grades up will be offered 1 on 1 tutoring, regardless of how they excel physically. In the event that the student athlete is unable

to keep their grades up, after a probationary period, Parents are urged to take them out of the athletic portion of the program, but they will still welcome to attend the Study Table always.

Cleveland inner city boxing also offers yoga classes the last Tuesday of every month from 5:30-7:30. Under the guiding hand of Yogi Sheronda, kids will learn the principals of deep breathing exercises, thoughtful mediation, and strength poses that will help transform Cleveland's youth. Yogi Sheronda uses Asana, or poses, to allow the kids time
and reflection on their choices, moving into Vinyasa, or the free flowing use of space and movements to work together as group. One of the poses that Yogi Sheronda thoroughly enjoys teaching
is the 'Warrior' pose. The kids will learn the Prana techniques to control their inner life force and Ujjayi, or the 'Ocean Breath', to expel negative attitudes and feelings.

Team 216 teaches kids through boxing, how to turn their lives around and become successful young men and women.

Our boxing Coach, Fred Wilson, AKA Borock, has been boxing since he was 15. He was a successful amateur boxer and is living proof that the sweet science of boxing can turn your life around

Monday through Thursday, 5:30 to 7:30 at 2335 East 82nd street, Coach Fred puts these kinds through the ringer.

Parrying a strike, Fancy foot work, goose-necking, and rolling with the punches are all part of Coach Fred’s arsenal that will put these kids back on track.

2335 E 82nd St, Cleveland


Under the guidance of Coach Fred, the youth will learn the fundamentals and principles of olympic-style boxing. Providing each member with self-confidence, character development, skills to achieve competitive excellence, and friendship.

Under the guidance of KrisniaHope, the youth will learn breathing exercises, meditation, and poses that will enhance physical and mental disciplines and promote strength, flexibility, and balance. 

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Boxing is not all Team 216 is about, we are very concerned with the boxers mental awareness,due to the untimely death of one of our boxers, and the condition of the world today our young people have a lot to deal with.Krisnia Hope is our facilitator.

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